I'm Jane, 17, Korean American, S♥ne. Married to a midget and is possibly having an affair with an idiot.
Ships Sunsica to the max, has a crush on Jongup and is a life long fangirl.
I make occasional gifs of my own.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ I'm a potatosexual

Reblog mainly SNSD and some other groups from time to time. Certified Chief Pervert of Lee Soonkyu. Has an obsession with potatoes and biases in suits.
I like turtles.

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This video might be the most clever way to raise money for dogs in need, because all you need to do is watch it.

"Just by watching these puppies, you’re raising money for dogs in need," says the narrator in the video above. "You see, if a video goes viral, YouTube shares the money they made from advertising with whoever made the video, and in this case, every dollar we earn will go toward feeding, treating and finding homes for dogs who haven’t been as lucky as us."

The video comes from The Pedigree Adoption Drive, and ends by imploring viewers to share because the more views received, the more money will be raised.

So share this video. You know, for the dogs.


please do not be mean to dogs they are only trying to help


Yoona and Krystal combined faces




how much do islands cost i want one

Less than a college education


what the fuck

♡ 58 - 61 /   gifs of APink

i need a time machine.

i need a time machine.


Pray for South Korea


one of us is gonna have to change


one of us is gonna have to change

Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the families and those involved in the Sewol Ferry incident today. Praying for your safe return. #PrayForSouthKorea

1/endless gifs of jung soojung’s perfection

1/endless gifs of jung soojung’s perfection